November 23rd, 2019

IF ONLY by Ronnie Smyth Please read

IF ONLY by Ronnie Smyth

If only everyone put in the same amount of effort
Our club would be a healthier place

If only those who can coach – would coach

If only those who can umpire would umpire

Then the pressure on the few would be greatly relieved.

If only all players were available
to play every week of the season
And wouldn’t let their teammates down
on the weeks they are away

If only subs were paid on time
without waiting to be asked
If social events were well supported
then finances would be much healthier

If Whatsapps and emails were responded to immediately
It would help those looking for help

Cause after all this is your club
One that offers friendship and top-quality coaching
A club with an abundance of talent
That makes other clubs envious

And if we would pull together
In a way that successful clubs should
We would have riches in other directions
To overcome those with finances to burn

So-what are you prepared to offer
To take us to the top
And make sure that those currently swamped
Will stay on to enjoy the future
When many others will offer to polish the cups.

Two years ago, when I was more involved with club selection etc. I put these thoughts on paper while in a pensive mood, in the hope that it might get everyone to react and take action! It had the desired effect then, and I believe that its sentiments are stronger now than ever.

It applies to everyone who has a passion for Annadale Hockey Club, including players, ex-players and friends. Some are already contributing, but many are not.

Anyone who thinks that they could help in any way, please see John Stephens, Ronnie Smyth or Stephen Galway.