October 5th, 2020

Lagan College – return to play protocols and procedures

See link for the latest Hockey Ireland return to play protocols  -  https://hockey.ie/covid-19/

Covid ‘app’  -   https://covid.oqlist.co.uk/register

Like many other clubs we are using a Covid ‘app’ to assist in the (hopefully unnecessary) tracking and tracing of attendees if a case of Covid 19 becomes known.  All persons attending must register on the app using this link.  It is fully GDPR compliant and data is removed from the server automatically after six weeks.  Only the name of the person who has registered is visible to the Covid Officer who verifies attendance.  As the questions are supposed to be answered no more than two hours in advance I suggest that you complete the regsitration just prior to commencing your journey to our ground.

The QR code is below this text – please click on the QR code image to expand. It will also be available at the ground although it will be much quicker for all concerned (and will reduce congestion) if registration is done in advance.  If you are from another club and your own club is using the ‘app’ please sign in under Annadale on the drop down menu and use the ‘Visitor’ option in the Section box or you will have to register again upon arrival at the ground.  The App is designed to record when people are at a particular venue, not where they are from.

Please note that there are no changing facilities.  There will be a toilet available on a one in, one out, basis.  Hand sanitiser to be used before entry.

There will be no access to the pitch until all persons involved in any previous match have left the enclosure.  Hands should be sanitised before entry.

Spectators are welcome but they will all have to register on the app also.  Spectators should register as a visitor.  If they are elderly or do not possess a smart phone then a younger, or more tech-savvy, relative should register on their behalf.  Please register in advance.

All persons attending should ideally have their own sanitiser – again to prevent congestion.